Hear my Dinosaur ROOAARR! at Children 1st @ Acorns Upper Tean - Children 1st Day Nurseries

Hear my Dinosaur ROOAARR! at Children 1st @ Acorns Upper Tean

Stomp, Stomp, Stomp!! Hear my dinosaur ROOAARR!

The Benjamin Bunnies recently enjoyed mark making using the dinosaur toys. Miss Steph mixed different coloured paint and put out dinosaurs of varying shapes and sizes ready for the activity. Not surprisingly, the children couldn’t wait to get started!

During this activity the children chose which dinosaur they wanted to use and dipped the dinosaur’s feet into the paint before printing the marks onto their paper. As well as mark making, this encouraged them to talk about the comparative sizes of the dinosaurs. Some were “really big” and some were “really small.”

We also discussed the colours of the dinosaurs. Rose told us, “Red dinosaur,”  and Vinnie said, “That’s a T-Rex!”

After the dinosaurs had finished stomping, we looked at the pictures together  and talked about whether they were made by big or small ones dinosaurs,


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