Big Cook Little Cook at Children 1st @ Bilborough! - Children 1st Day Nurseries

Big Cook Little Cook at Children 1st @ Bilborough!

At our Bilborough nursery, the Benjamin Bunnies have been the ‘little cooks with big ideas’ this week!

The children used their number knowledge to count the scoops of each ingredient they needed to add to their bowls knowing if it was a big spoon or a little spoon.
They used the weighing scales recognising with support which numbers they could see on the dial.
When they had rolled out their dough they carefully selected the shape cutter they required to make their biscuit. Once the shape had been cut out they carefully placed it on the baking tray before Miss Sarah placed it in the hot oven.
In order to remember that they where in the oven, they set a timer which made a load beep to tell everyone their biscuits where ready!

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