Benjamin Bunnies Forestry Fun at Children 1st @ Oakwood - Children 1st Day Nurseries

Benjamin Bunnies Forestry Fun at Children 1st @ Oakwood

The rain didn’t stop our Benjamin Bunnies having a wonderful time exploring our Forestry School. They all put on their forestry suits and wellies and followed the path to the forest to see what they could find.

While down in the forest, they enjoyed making mud pies in the mud kitchen and listening to the sounds of the rain on the trees.

Miss Danni showed the children where the ducks lived, and we found some duck eggs! Our ducklings, Daisy and Daphne, are now just over 6 months old and have started leaving us a little gift each day!  The children haven’t been able to see the ducks recently as we’ve been protecting them from catching bird flu, so they’ve been tucked up nice and safe in one of our animal shelters.

The children were very excited to see the freshly laid egg. In the cabin the children decided to make ducks using the clay and enjoyed the sensory feel on their hands and the different smells of the clay.

Our Benjamin Bunnies are looking forward to spending time in the forest each week and having adventures through the changing seasons.


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