World Pet Day at Children 1st @ Derby Road | Children 1st Day Nurseries

World Pet Day at Children 1st @ Derby Road

For our celebration of World Pet Day 2021, the children made a great effort in dressing-up in pet themed outfits. Miss Sam very kindly brought her pet bunnies to nursery for the children to hold and feed. The children thought of names for Miss Frankie’s toy pets, a unicorn, a parrot and a dog.  We’re sure the chosen names Shimmer, Polly and Dotty suit the toy animals really well!

A discovery trail in the garden captured everyones’ imaginations. The children even found some dinosaur bones which they carefully excavated. Inspired by this, and the book ‘Harry and the Dinosaurs Go Wild,’ the children discussed how the dinosaurs had become extinct and which of the animals living today are in danger of becoming extinct. They really enjoyed this and then drew pictures of elephants, snakes and lions.


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