Winter Visitors at Children 1st @ Acorns Upper Tean | Children 1st Day Nurseries

Winter Visitors at Children 1st @ Acorns Upper Tean

The children recently had a busy morning making homemade bird feeders out of lard and bird seed and getting very messy pushing the mixture into the pine cones. They also filled up the bird table feeders.

Later in the afternoon the children were lucky to see a squirrel  hanging upside down in the tree and holding on to the branch with his tail while eating the seed from the bird feeders. We spoke about what else the squirrel might eat, where they hide their nuts, how they balance on the trees and how they use their tails.

Whilst we were looking at the squirrel, up popped a beautiful pheasant. We talked about the difference in size from the birds that we usually see and the colours of the feathers. While we were watching the pheasant, we also were able to look at the robin, wren, great tit and blue tits which were enjoying our homemade feeders.

Our winter visitors were not easy to capture in the photos but you might be able to make them out.





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