The World of Bugs and Birds at Children 1st @ Newark Town | Children 1st Day Nurseries

The World of Bugs and Birds at Children 1st @ Newark Town

Our Early Years are fascinated with the new bug hotel which has sparked much curiosity about what is happening in the natural world. We’ve spent so much time looking for bugs and then trying to name what we have found.

The children have also been fascinated by the use of magnifying glasses. Miss Heather had a great idea of how we could display the plastic bugs that we had by gluing the pots with magnifying glasses to the display board so the children can see them in detail and match any real bugs that they can find.

The activities have fired the children’s imaginations and they’ve been making up wonderful stories as they go. In the garden we have a sycamore tree and the sycamore balls drop to the ground. The children came up with wonderful ideas as to what they could be.  Dexter thought that they were hedgehog eggs and were going to grow into hedgehogs.  Isaac thought that we could use the balls as food for the insects that we found and Ollie-Thomas just wanted to look at the spikes in the magnifying pots.

To attract more birds, we added a bird house to the tree and the children were wondering how we could encourage the birds to the tree.  They decided that we needed some food to attract them and so spent the rest of the morning making bird feeders to hang in the tree. We are now eagerly anticipating the arrival of a bird to lay an egg, fingers crossed! We will keep you posted.


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