The Spirit of Sport Relief at Children 1st @ Newark | Children 1st Day Nurseries

The Spirit of Sport Relief at Children 1st @ Newark

During the week the children have taken part in a range of physical activities to reach their target of completing 150 hops, jumps, runs, throws, catches and hoola hoop turns.

As you can imagine they’ve all been working very hard and getting into the spirit of Sport Relief. Even the babies helped out by counting how many times they could slip down the slide!

All this exercise gave us a good opportunity to talk about the effect of exercise on our bodies.

“I need a drink now,” said Oscar. We know exercise can make us thirsty and that drinking water helps to keep us healthy.

“Exercise makes my heart loud,” commented Arthur. With hands on their hearts, the children could feel it pumping extra hard after their races to help deliver more oxygen through their bodies.

We’ve loved raising money for Sport Relief and thank everyone who has made donations for this good cause.

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