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The Delight of Science at Children 1st @ Toton

We’ve had an action packed week celebrating the wonder of science and technology and, as the photo gallery shows, the children showed such enormous enthusiasm for learning about their world through a range of hands-on experiences. Here are some of the highlights of our week of discovery.

The Wind Tunnel – Built using a fan, acrylic sheets and embroidery hoops, the children LOVED sending chiffon scarves, feathers and confetti up the tube into the air. It was great for their hand eye co-ordination too as they tried to catch the items as they came out of the top and shot into the air. We also experimented with different objects seeing whether they would fly up the tube such as balls. However, they rolled around and around in a circular motion at the bottom and we decided it was because they were too heavy and that they rolled around because they were round. The children found this activity so exciting!

Record Player Painting – With a paper tube attached to the turntable of an old record player, the children applied paint to the spinning paper. It was a fun and exciting way of exploring colour mixing! We also discovered that if you keep your brush still onto the tube while it spun, we created a perfect straight line unlike when we tried to do it ourselves when the tube was not spinning!

Parachute Design and Make – The children have been busy designing and creating their own parachutes to help a toy figure man parachute off the garden bridge. The children had the opportunity to draw their parachute on the plan and select the materials they thought would be best to make the parachute and protect the man with. The children did a fantastic job at assembling their parachutes, trialling them and adapting them where needed.

Leaf Blower Activity – The children have been experimenting with a leaf blower, trying to blow balls into plant pots. The children used trial and error to find out how to make the balls blow in different directions and steer them towards and into the plant pots. We did this inside and outside making the obstacle courses more challenging each time. It was also great for the children’s hand strength as they were required to squeeze the button while holding the leaf blower.

Skittles Experiment – The children had great fun making circles with Skittles and pipetting the water into the middle of the Skittle circle. Over time the children were amazed to see a rainbow begin to form! We explored the word ‘dissolving’ and spoke about what was happening to the colours around the Skittle. The children then enjoyed eating their (white) Skittles afterwards!

On from the Skittle experiment, we also used our water and Skittle dissolving method to make Skittle paint! We sorted the Skittles into colours then placed them into a jar with water leaving the colours to dissolve into the water and make paint. The paint smelt really fruity and we had fun painting with the skittle water colour paint.

Rain Cloud in a Cup – The children poured the water into a cup to represent the air and squirted shaving foam on top of the air to form a cloud. The children used a pipette to drip blue water on top of the clouds to represent water and moisture in the sky. They watched as the clouds become heavier and heavier because of the water and eventually the water fell through the clouds into the air.

Bottle Rocket – The children watched and cheered from the bridge as vinegar and baking soda reacted inside a corked bottle causing it to soar into the sky.

Volcano Cups – After choosing their own colour of lava, the children used baking soda and vinegar to make the cup bubble and then erupt.

Bottle and Balloon Experiment – The children poured vinegar through a funnel into a bottle. They then placed a funnel inside a balloon in to which they spooned baking powder. The balloon was placed over the top of the bottle rim, causing the baking soda to drop into the vinegar. We watched the chemical reactions which caused the balloon to inflate!

Walking Water Experiment – The children placed 6 jars of coloured water in a circle, one yellow, one blue and one red and then placed plain water jars in-between them. They folded kitchen rolls dipping both ends into a jar. Eventually the clear water and coloured water travelled (absorbed) up the kitchen roll and mixed into the plain water jars. For example, the blue and red travelled into the plain water jar turning the plain water jar purple. Children recorded the colour mixing too!

Through all these activities the children have had the opportunity to develop their scientific skills, such as planning, observing, recording, predicting, whilst also refining their fine motor skills and social skills such as turn taking and listening to each other. A great week!

We hope you enjoy looking though the gallery showing highlights of our incredible Science Week.


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