The Butterfly Life Cycle at Children 1st Nurseries - Children 1st Day Nurseries

The Butterfly Life Cycle at Children 1st Nurseries

There has been so much excitement across our nurseries as the children have had the wonderful first-hand experience of watching the fascinating transformation of caterpillars into butterflies.

With noses almost glued to jars, the children watched in awe as the caterpillars emerged from their eggs and then ate their way through their food. They ate so much that they needed several changes of skin as their old skins became too tight!

Eventually the children saw the caterpillar form itself into a chrysalis where the beautiful butterfly grows.  The children experienced  the wonder of nature as the butterflies emerged. They were not ready to take flight just yet. Everyone waited patiently for the butterflies to become stronger and for their wings to dry before the big release day.

Truly a wonderful experience for our children and one which brought them so much knowledge and wonder, not to mention so many opportunities for creativity. When they see the winged wonders fluttering around the garden, they will be so well informed about what the butterfly has gone through to appear as it does. What a transformation!


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