The Big Garden Bird Watch at Children 1st @ Bilborough

The children have been taking part in the ‘Big Garden Bird Watch’ which is an annual survey of garden birds organised by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB). The survey originated in 1979 when the RSPB was looking for a way to bring children closer to nature. The event proved so popular that in 2001 adults were allowed to join in and along with the children are helping to provide a valuable ‘snapshot’ of bird numbers.

To help us with our bird watch we were joined by RSPB officer, Mrs Allen, who led us in an outdoor exploration of our nursery garden. The children were so quiet that were able to observe a variety of birds such as a magpie, a sparrow, some blue tits and even a large black crow. Because the children were so still and quiet, they were able to listen to the sounds made by each bird.

Mrs Allen helped the children to learn about the nests made by these birds and then we collected twigs and leaves to make our own nest. The children also found out about the minibeasts that the birds feed on. Using magnifying glasses to explore tree stumps and turning over rocks and logs, the children were able to find woodlice, slugs and spiders but were very careful not to damages any habitats.

Thank-you to Mrs Allen for helping us to learn so much about the birds who are regular visitors to our garden. During our exploration, the children also had the opportunity to use so many describing words such as frosty, rough, bumpy and smooth. Our day has certainly brought us all closer to nature.

Hopefully the children will be able to use their knowledge of birds to spot visitors to their own gardens.

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