Summer Fun at Children 1st @ Buckinghams | Children 1st Day Nurseries

Summer Fun at Children 1st @ Buckinghams

Here at Buckinghams we’ve been keeping cool by splashing in the pool and experimenting with ice.

The Bobtails loved the opportunity to play in the water while the Peter Rabbits were busy freezing sea creatures in water to make some interesting ice fossils.. They then enjoyed getting them out of the ice by squirting them with water from pipettes and chipping away at them with hammers to make the ice melt.

The Peter Rabbits have also been finding out about coconuts. The children used their senses to smell and feel them and made some coconut cloud dough. They filled the coconut shells with the dough and put flags in to make little boats.

Then there was the garden to look after. In the hot weather our crops needed plenty of water and everyone was keen to help with this important task. No wonder our garden is growing so well.

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