Spring is in the Air at Children 1st @ Plumtree - Children 1st Day Nurseries

Spring is in the Air at Children 1st @ Plumtree

Our Early Years have enjoyed finding out about the season of Spring through a range of creative and exploratory activities. They’ve been watching as Winter gradually changed to Spring and new signs of life in the outdoor environment began to emerge. They’ve been very ’hands-on’ with their learning.

The children closely followed the growth of our caterpillars, painted wildlife such as caterpillars and butterflies, made clay hedgehogs, planted their own vegetables, and also learnt about different aspects of Spring and the environment, such as how a rainbow is formed and what makes up the different parts of a plant.

They then took this knowledge into creative activities by painting signs of Spring, rainbows and plants! Early Years also took part in a group painting activity where they remembered what they had been learning about recently, including the wildlife, the environment and the natural world and painted all of these amazing things on a huge canvas!

Well done Early Years!

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