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Spinning Like the Wind at Children 1st @ Newark Town

Despite the changing weather,  the children at Newark Town have enjoyed getting their wellies on, wrapping up warm and going outside to play. Exploring the garden offers so many opportunities for learning about the natural world and developing gross motor skills, as well as having fun with friends.

The Early Years have been especially interested in the dynamic weather conditions we have been experiencing. To explore this, Miss Karen planned a Weather Activity Challenge where the children experimented moving their bodies like the different weather types.

“I am dizzy from spinning like the wind,” said Avalyn. Everyone loved the challenge.

The children were keen to share their knowledge about the effects of the weather.

“The sun is hot and we have to have a drink of water to makes us cooler,” said Amelia.

“The thunder is loud like stomping feet,” commented Leia.

Isaac offered some good advice, “When it’s cold and windy we have to put on our coats and hats and scarves and gloves.”

Lots of fun was had by all! We hope you enjoy looking through the photos showing the children exploring their wonderful outdoor learning space.

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