Space Launch at Children 1st @ Birstall

Our space topic has taken off with a blast as we have begun to explore the wonder of our solar system. We’ve been finding out about the planets and enjoying some space exploration.

To visit the planets using our expertly created spaceship, we first had to make our astronaut suits. We looked closely at the suit worn by Neil Armstrong and then crafted our own to protect us when we left the earth’s atmosphere. We had great fun drawing round each other to make a pattern for our suits.

Everyone worked together to create a huge image of outer space which involved dribbling and splattering paint using all kinds of tools.When it came to printing circles we had to be very careful not to smudge too much. We were pleased with how our joint efforts turned out.

Our space exploration continued by enjoying our space themed tuff spot and using our space capsule for role play. Dressing-up in the space suits was great fun! The space boots were pretty good too!

Outside we flew around in our rockets visiting each of the planets. On Neptune, which is a cold planet, we explored the transparent ice of its surface.

Our space launch was a great success and we’re looking forward to discovering more about the wonders of the solar system.


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