Snail Trails at Children 1st @ Plumtree | Children 1st Day Nurseries

Snail Trails at Children 1st @ Plumtree

Mr Josh from Children 1st @ Grantham kindly brought along these giant snails for us to have a look at. The Peter Rabbits have enjoyed observing them and touching their shells to see what they felt like. James said, “Wow! It’s so cold!”

Some children were even brave enough to hold them. We then had a discussion about what the snails would like to eat. We decided on celery which the children then carefully helped to cut up and to feed to the snails.

Watching the snails nibbling the celery and seeing how they moved when their bodies came out of their shells was a fascinating experience for the children and gave them plenty to chat about. Thanks to Mr Josh for bringing the snails to Plumtree!


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