Sensory Treasures at Children 1st @ Chesterfield Royal Hospital - Children 1st Day Nurseries

Sensory Treasures at Children 1st @ Chesterfield Royal Hospital

In our baby room we often use treasure baskets to offer a wide sensory experience.

The babies have so much fun pulling out and exploring the various objects in their treasure baskets. In this one, they especially enjoyed picking up and smelling the fresh flowers.

Why do we use sensory baskets? They bring so many benefits for the development of the young child. We find that these treasure baskets give the babies a wide range of experiences as they explore and decide for themselves what to play with. Making choices develops self-esteem and independence.

Using the objects enables the babies to learn in so many ways such as touching, smelling, looking, shaking, banging, picking up and dropping down and moving objects from hand to hand. Of course, this helps with the development of eye hand coordination as well. The babies are happily learning through their own handling of the household and natural objects and, through play, having fun whilst developing their concentration.

The contents of the baskets are changed frequently keeping them fresh and interesting and are easily themed according to the interests of the children.

We hope you enjoy looking through the gallery of photos of our babies busy with their hands on exploration .



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