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Sensory Experiences at Children 1st @ Main Street

Our Jemima Puddleducks and Bobtails have been having lots of fun this week using their senses to explore in a variety of new and exciting ways!

Miss Mia created activities for the Under 2s to help them learn about the world around them and to develop various skills. The children explored four different experiences to help with their development. The activities were: look and feel boxes, edible finger painting, sensory bags and laminated flower exploration.

The children explored the items within the sensory box feeling the different textures of the materials hidden inside. They placed their hand into the box and felt each item as they pulled it out. In particular the children liked the coloured mesh material as they could look through the fabric and see each other. This activity supports babies’ hand-eye coordination and sense of touch.

The edible finger painting was a huge hit with two of our babies. The finger paint was made using natural yogurt with a little food colouring to add some colour. The edible finger paint was then placed on a sheet of foil. As the babies moved their fingers around in the edible paint the foil made a ‘crinkling’ sound. They really enjoyed this activity, making different marks in the edible paint whilst having a little taste too!

In the garden we showed the children some flowers, each were a different colour. Flowers can be delicate so we decided that the children could explore flowers by laminating the real thing! The children liked to look at the flowers and hold them, feeling the texture of the flower through the laminated sheet.

Finally, the children had fun with some sensory bags. The bags were placed on the windows so the light would show the bright colours. The children really enjoyed feeling the bags and pushing around the different objects inside. Our youngest baby loved the sensory feeling of the cool gel inside the bag pushing her fingers around on the bag. This mess-free sensory play is great for little hands to explore without the clean-up at the end!

Whilst exploring each activity the staff spoke to the children about the colours they could see and what they could hear. The children had so much fun exploring these new and exciting activities!



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