Rhyming and Signing at Children 1st @ Derby Road

At Children 1st we love it when parents get in touch to share great ideas. A number of our parents at Derby Road have been attending Baby Signing Club and, as their little ones have been enjoying the activities, they suggested that we might like to build upon their experience at nursery.

As this was a new area for us, but one which we thought was very worthwhile, we’ve been following guidance from the parents and now use sign language regularly when we are sharing books with the children.

A Good Book to Share

As you can see in the photographs the children find this activity very absorbing. Here Miss Megan and Miss Lauren are sharing a fabulous book, ‘At the Bottom of the Garden,’ an adventure with British Sign Language (BSL Baby Signing) by Sue Searle. This is a beautiful story about all the creatures who live in the garden. Every page has the relevant signs and the story is written in a beautiful rhythmic and repetitive style which is perfect for our little ones.

 Why Rhyme and Sign?

The use of rhyme and repetition is a perfect way to support language learning and development and the use of signs is helping to enhance children’s literacy and learning. We’re picking up on the children’s ability to make gestures and helping them to communicate prior to and alongside the development of their spoken language. It’s also great fun and hopefully as the children get older they will remember some of the signs to help them communicate with those using BSL as their first language.


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