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Pumpkins Galore at Children 1st @ Main Street

The children at Main Street certainly captured the spirit of their ‘Cat and Pumpkin Day’ with a series of creative activities for all ages most of which featured the use of pumpkins!

The scene for a great day was set when the children arrived in their superb costumes. The little witches, pumpkins, spooky skeletons and even a Frankenstein looked fantastic. The children loved being dressed up. Thanks to all our families who helped with this.

Our Early Years’ children had been having fun making their own pumpkin seed ‘gloop’. They mixed cornflour and water together until they got a ‘gloopy’ consistency and added in the pumpkin seeds with some sparkly glitter. After they had made the ‘gloop’ it was time to get our hands dirty and explore the texture. The children really enjoyed putting their hands in the ‘gloop’ and feeling the pumpkin seeds. One child said it felt ‘cold’ and another said, “It smells nice.”

Peter Rabbits were also busy today. They have decorated biscuits using brightly coloured icing sugar and used spooky sprinkles. The children enjoyed painting a picture of a bat using a stencil to sponge around. Once the stencil was lifted the children were delighted with their picture, one child said, “Look it’s a bat!”

Our babies had great fun with their pumpkin play dough. They used different tools to cut and roll the squidgy material and used their hands to feel the texture. The babies also had some sensory bags with pumpkin seeds inside for them to move around. They used their senses to explore the texture and look at the seeds move as they pushed them around.

One our children in Peter Rabbits brought in a very special pumpkin carved with the name Children 1st. Brilliant! We hope you enjoy looking through our photo gallery of our ‘Cat and Pumpkin Day’ at Main Street.



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