Pets are for Life at Children 1st @ Acorns Upper Tean | Children 1st Day Nurseries

Pets are for Life at Children 1st @ Acorns Upper Tean

Happy New Year!

Last year the children celebrated Pet Week by learning all about the different pets that their friends have.

A special visit from Miss Siobhan’s pet dog, Kiwi, was the highlight of the week.  The children all sat beautifully, getting up one at a time to feed Kiwi a treat and to gently stroke her. They then took her on to the field and let her run around.  Some of the children even held her lead to give her a little walk.

This was such a fun occasion for the children but one that conveyed some important messages about the commitment needed to look after pets. Food, exercise, grooming and general care are essential if our pets are to thrive so we must make sure that we choose a pet that we know we can care for throughout its life. Hopefully, our children have taken the first steps in beginning to understand that our well looked after pets will bring fun and happiness to our lives for many years.


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