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People Who Help Us at Children 1st @ Main Street

As part of our topic ‘People Who Help Us’ the children in early years planned to spend ‘a day in the life’ of some of the people who help us in our community. During circle time the children shared their thoughts and discussed who these people are and the jobs they do in our community.

After much deliberation the children decided to take on the roles of police officers, nurses, doctors and crossing patrol officers. They then made some props to use in the garden to help them carry out their roles.

After all this planning, our role play day finally arrived. Outside in the garden the children loved setting up their own traffic light system and zebra crossing using the props they had made. Once set up they were ready to go. The children had a discussion about how to cross the road safely using the zebra crossing. They had a fabulous time role playing the job of the crossing patrol officer, helping their friends to cross the road safely. Some children also enjoyed role playing the people who carry out the maintenance of the highways and were busy fixing the road to make it safe for all to use.

Inside, the home corner was transformed into a doctor’s surgery where the children visited to see the doctor or the nurse. The children took it in turns to see the doctor who asked them what was wrong, listened to their heart beat and gave injections.

Last but not least the children enjoyed dressing up to become police officers. They answered 999 calls and wrote down the assistance which was required.

At the end of an action-packed day the workers discussed which of the jobs they liked the best and why they thought these jobs were important. We decided that every job was very important to keep us safe and healthy.


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