Outdoor Fun at Children 1st @ Acorns Upper Tean - Children 1st Day Nurseries

Outdoor Fun at Children 1st @ Acorns Upper Tean

Early Years had so much fun exploring the field area today. Favourite activities included ball rolling races down the pipes, hiding in the trees and running races with friends.

Heading down to our mud patch, they went digging for wriggly worms! The children found a spade each and worked together to dig the mud to see if they could find any worms hiding. What a success! Worms of different shapes and sizes were discovered.  The children spoke about the worms describing them using words such as big, tiny, baby worms, little and enormous! After a good look and a chat, the worms were safely returned to the soil.

Anderson then thought it would be a great idea to go on a “bug hunt” which everyone agreed with, so we set to work with our magnifying glasses looking in places where we thought we might find lots of different creatures. As many bugs are still hiding from the cold, we didn’t see many, but we’ll be out again as the weather warms for more bug hunts and more outdoor fun!

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