More than One Use for a Toothbrush at Children 1st @ Hathern | Children 1st Day Nurseries

More than One Use for a Toothbrush at Children 1st @ Hathern

As the children discovered when we were talking about the dentist as part of our ‘People Who help Us’ topic, toothbrushes have many uses. Whilst learning that careful, regular brushing is important to keep our teeth and gums healthy, the little ones also found out that toothbrushes make great tools for applying paint! From mixing, to spreading, splashing and splattering so much experimentation took place with the paint and the brushes.

The Peter Rabbits used them to make marks in various textures such as paint and cornflour. They also used the brushes to mix cornflour and food colouring and watched with delight as the colour changed. As the photos show, they were really absorbed by this activity and enjoyed watching the effects they created.

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