Learning about Teeth at Children 1st @ Derby Road! - Children 1st Day Nurseries

Learning about Teeth at Children 1st @ Derby Road!

At our Derby Road, we have been looking at our teeth!

The children have been looking at what foods are good for them and bad for them. Everyone cut out foods and organised them into 2 groups. The children understood which foods belonged where.
Later, they made masks of a tooth and used their cutting skills to do this.
Some of the children were able to talk about when they had visited the dentist and several of the children found the mirrors and proceeded to role play dentist in their play.
The children continued to talk about their teeth, when they clean them, who helps when doing this and how many times they do this a day.
The staff spoke to the children and reminded all the children to clean them morning and before bed and how to look after their teeth.
Good job everyone!

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