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Learning About Our Teeth at Children 1st @ Grantham!

As part of our ‘community’ project, the Early Years children at our Grantham nursery have been learning all about dental hygiene.

Everyone enjoyed numerous sensory activities and even conducted our very own experiment. The children wanted to see the effect of sugar and acid on our teeth and decided to do this through science!

They placed an egg in a cup of coca cola to see how the sugar would react with the egg shell. Then everyone placed an egg in a cup of vinegar to see how the acid would react with the egg shell.

Predictions were made and wrote them down.

Ernie thought the egg in the vinegar might crack and Zuzanna considered how it might change colour.

Inka suggested the sugar might create cavities like it does to our teeth!

When the eggs were checked, the children found the one they had placed in vinegar had a disintegrated shell. It had been worn away!

The children were also shocked to see the egg in the coca cola had turned grey inside.

As a class, everyone discussed the ways to stop this from happening. The children enjoyed pretending to brush their teeth and role played going to the dentist.


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