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It’s a Frog’s Life at Children 1st @ Plumtree

This week our frogspawn has hatched into tadpoles. The children have been observing the changes over time as our tadpoles grow and develop. They are very excited to see what happens next.  Our key worker children at nursery have been learning about the life cycles of the frog and responding to questions such as:

Where do tadpoles live?

What do tadpoles need to live?

What happens next to the tadpoles?

What do the tadpoles look like?

How will they change?

The children have talked about the order in which the changes occurred and then created their own life cycle of the frog and a butterfly. We’ve had some lovely comments from the children.

“My frog is going to be a big one!” said Simi.

“I did a little frog on my life cycle,” said Seth.

“The tadpole turns into a frog, it does!’ exclaimed a delighted Martha.

We know that children at home have also been working hard to find out about lifecycles and the changes that happen over time as the creatures reach the adult stage of their lives. We hope everyone is enjoying the updates on the EY logs which show what is happening to the tadpoles.

Perhaps the children at home can answer the questions above and make their own life cycles of frogs and butterflies.


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