It's a Frog's Life at Children 1st at Meir Park | Children 1st Day Nurseries

It’s a Frog’s Life at Children 1st at Meir Park

Our young nature lovers at Meir Park have been learning about the lifecycle of a frog.

They started by looking at some frog spawn, using the magnifying lenses so they could observe carefully and watch for the tadpoles.  They began to notice the tiny tadpoles emerging, first growing two legs and then four.  Then, as the tadpoles developed, they turned into little froglets. Eventually the froglets will grow into adult frogs who will lay their own frog spawn and so the life cycle will begin again!

The children loved this first hand observation of a life cycle in action. Using some photo cards, they were able to sequence the order in which a frog’s life cycle takes place.

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