Inspired by 'The Rainbow Fish' at Children 1st @ Grantham - Children 1st Day Nurseries

Inspired by ‘The Rainbow Fish’ at Children 1st @ Grantham

The Early Years have been enjoying a range of activities inspired by their book of the month, ‘The Rainbow Fish.’

They decided to explore changing colours with a science experiment. They observed carefully as the colourful, bubbling eruptions were made when they combined baking soda and vinegar. They added food colouring to the vinegar and talked about the new colours they could see as they watched how they mixed together.

They listened to the fizzing, bubbling sounds the eruptions made and described what they could see and hear. Zuzanna said, “It’s like a volcano,” whilst Inka said, “It’s making a bubbling noise.”

This activity was a great way for the Early Years to develop fine-motor skills, pencil grasp and co-ordination as they used the pipettes.

Also inspired by the ‘Rainbow Fish,’ the Early Years have been talking about what it means to be a good friend. In the story a beautiful rainbow fish has plenty of shimmery glittery scales but his friends do not have any and the rainbow fish doesn’t want to share his.

By the end of the story the Rainbow Fish shares his scales until he just has one left and he is surrounded by friends. The children then went on to write about how they feel good when they share and the actions that make them kind. Ekkoe said that she was kind because she shares her toys with her brother and Leilani. Well done Ekkoe!


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