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Inspired by Stories at Children 1st @ Sheffield

There are so many wonderful children’s books and we’re fortunate to be able to share them with our children. Who can resist the wonder of a good story and a book full of beautiful illustrations? Often these stories are used to inspire activities such as those we recently undertook here at Sheffield.

‘Handa’s Surprise’ by Eileen Browne relates the tale of what happens when Handa, who lives in an African village, sets off with a basket of seven delicious fruits, one for each of her friends. She’s unaware that some crafty animals are intent on stealing the fruit. The story fills the children with anticipation as the fruits disappear.

‘Handa’s Surprise’ led the children to talk about the various fruits mentioned in the story and this prompted a tasting session. Mango and pineapple were a great hit but avocado less so with the Peter Rabbits saying that it tasted ‘funny.’ The children prepared the fruit for the tasting session themselves. Great work Peter Rabbits!

The story, ‘After the Storm’ featuring Percy the park keeper, prompted some discussion about storms and the effect they can have. As well as enjoying activities around the characters in the book, the story led to some weather based research when the children decided to measure the rainfall. Armed with some jugs, the children went outside to position them to collect some rain. Over a period of a few hours they collected around 60ml in each jug.






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