Hello Ducks at Children 1st @ Shepshed - Children 1st Day Nurseries

Hello Ducks at Children 1st @ Shepshed

The children were so excited when the duckling eggs arrived at nursery at the end of February. Since then, they have been closely watched as the children looked for signs that they were about to hatch.

Of course, this was a big event which totally fascinated the children. Voting for the names of the ducklings was fun with Dave, Malcolm, Custard, Daffy and Daisy winning the vote.

The chicks have grown really quickly and are already enjoying having a swim. The children are loving the whole experience, particularly when the ducks splash about in the water. We are all loving watching them play and grow and having snuggles with them.

Seeing the lifecycle of the ducks unfold before their eyes is a fantastic learning opportunity for the children although, we’re not sure who loves the ducklings the most, the children, staff or parents!

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