Healthy Eating at Children 1st @ Newark and Shepshed

As the children at Newark and Shepshed have been finding out about healthy eating, it’s not surprising that the children have got involved with making some tasty treats.

At Newark the children decided to make smoothies. Helped by Mr Dan, they carefully prepared and chopped their favourite fruits which they had chosen at circle time. Jess commented, “We have to chop it small for Mr Dan.” He appreciated this as when the time came for him to blend the fruit under the watchful eyes of the children, the job was soon done. The smoothie was ready for tasting!

A delicious, healthy refreshing drink was enjoyed by all! Having discussed all the benefits of eating fruit Harry said, “I’ll be able to run faster now!”

At Shepshed the children were also busy using fruit. They were fortunate to be working under the guidance of one of the parents, David Nelson who works as a chef. David came along to help the children make fruity kebabs.  After talking about the various fruits and with a platter of gorgeous fruit to choose from, the children concentrated really hard as they created their own kebabs. Threading the fruit onto the stick was quite a challenge! However, eating the delicious kebabs made up for all the hard work! Many thanks David for your expert guidance.



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