Going Green in 2019 at Children 1st @ Clowne

At Clowne the whole nursery has been going green by recycling as much of our waste as possible. “Go Green!” has become a favourite chant!

The children have been finding out about recycling and reusing items to help save precious resources and to make sure our planet is a safe and healthy place for all humans and creatures to share.

We’ve focused on key words to name materials such as plastic, metal, paper and cardboard. We’ve also discussed the meaning of the words reduce, reuse and recycle.

The children from early years made a visit to the recycling centre at Tesco. They helped to sort items for recycling into the correct bin. We wondered what our items would be recycled into, maybe another box or plastic bottle or even a plastic toy!  “Go green!” shouted the children as they tackled the big recycling job!

Well-done everyone and thank-you for helping to take care of our planet.

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