Gender Pay Gap Report 2019 - Children 1st Day Nurseries

Gender Pay Gap Report 2019

Gender Pay Gap Report 2019



What is the Gender Pay Gap?

  • All businesses employing over 250 staff are required by law to publish details annually of their gender pay gap. This measures the difference between men and women’s average earnings and is expressed as a percentage of men’s pay
  • Breedon House Nurseries Limited is a family owned business and a large local employer and so is required to publish this data
  • This report covers the snapshot date of 5 April 2019 (and is our third annual report)


Our commitment to gender equality

  • We operate within an industry sector that is predominantly female, as at 5 April 2019 approximately 96% of our workforce was female (this is consistent with the split in prior years)
  • Our business model is based on rewarding talent regardless of gender
    • The majority of our staff are Early Years practitioners, working in our nurseries, who are paid sector market rates based on their individual experience and qualifications
    • Within our support staff (maintenance and senior management teams) there is a comparatively higher percentage of male staff, who are again paid salaries based on market expectations for their individual roles and experience
  • As a business we recognise the value of employing a diverse workforce, to provide positive role models to the children in our care, and as such recognise the potential value of removing gender stereotypes. This factor is not specific to Breedon House Nurseries – success in increasing the number of men working as nursery practitioners would positively impact the gender pay gap across the whole sector



Gender Pay Gap Statistics 2019

  MEDIAN 2018 MEDIAN 2019 MEAN 2018 MEAN 2019
Gender pay gap 1.8% 1.3% 29.2% 21.3%
Gender bonus gap 89.8% 78.3% 82.6% 73.7%



  MEN 2018 MEN 2019 WOMEN 2018 WOMEN 2019
% of staff receiving bonuses 3.6% 3.2% 3.6% 7.4%
Upper quartile 8% 7% 92% 93%
Upper middle 4% 3% 96% 97%
Lower middle 3% 5% 97% 95%
Lower quartile 2% 4% 98% 96%


Our Results

  • Although there is a difference of 21.3% in the mean pay of men and women this is because male staff are significantly underrepresented at apprenticeship and nursery staff grades (removing directors/senior management the gap would be only 7.5%). Overall, we have experienced a positive movement in the mean pay gap
  • The median gender pay gap shows a difference of only 1.3%. Again a positive movement
  • Our bonus scheme is only available to nursery management teams and senior management. As we do not currently have any male nursery managers or deputies there are very few male staff receiving bonuses, which distorts the mean and median calculations based on level (removing directors would alter the figure to -100% as we do not currently have any male staff in nursery management roles)
  • The difference in distribution of male staff amongst the lowest three quartiles is very minor
  • Childcare is not traditionally a popular career path for men, however, we continue to promote and encourage an inclusive recruitment process. Our in-house training function provides opportunities for both men and women to start apprenticeship programmes and to develop a rewarding career
  • I can confirm that the information contained in this report is accurate


Margaret Mason OBE (Founder & Director)

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