From Eggs to Ducklings at Children 1st @ Syston

As part of our ‘Life Cycles and Growing’ topic, we’ve had some exciting visitors here at Syston over the last two weeks.

Six duck eggs were delivered to us in an incubator which we’ve been eagerly watching and waiting to see if any ducklings were going to hatch.

Three of our ducklings hatched sneakily overnight and then the other ducklings hatched during the day and our children were thrilled to see this happen.

We have been looking after the ducklings and talking about their lifecycle. The children have had great fun holding them and will often just go over to their pen to have a look.

We also had fun giving  the ducklings chance to explore water by providing a little bath for them to sit in. The children were mesmerized by this as the ducks really had fun splashing about and flicking the water everywhere!

We hope you enjoy looking through the photographs showing the incubated eggs and the young ducklings.


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