Exploring the Elements at Children 1st @ Clowne

The children at Clowne love to be in the fresh air, enjoying adventures in their varied outdoor learning environment and revelling in the opportunity to get close to nature.

Most recently they have been working together to gather natural materials to transform into giant pieces of loose part artwork.

With sticks, stones, soil and water collected, they experimented with their creations, moving parts around and manipulating the materials until they were satisfied with their creations.

One of the pictures the children made from sticks was a body. The children named the body parts and identified what was needed to complete their work. “He needs legs!”shouted a child as he ran to find the necessary sticks.

The children in early years loved to explore the water as it came out of the hose pipe. They filled containers, making judgements about when there was enough water before it got too full. They used pipettes to move water around the playground.

The outdoors is a great place for imaginations to run wild. One child turned a very long leaf  into a fishing rod and enjoyed a fishing session in the bark area, casting out and reeling in the fish!

Following the session on outdoor learning at the Annual Conference, we are all really keen to embrace the elements and explore the outdoors!

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