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Euro Inspired Action at Children 1st Nurseries

Could this be the year football comes home?  Will the men get to the final and win the Euros? Who knows, but one thing  is for sure, children at our nurseries have been inspired to get into the football action.

The Early Years at St. Peter and St Paul loved dressing up in different football shirts, doing a range of activities connected with the Euros and learning about football.

At Newark the Peter Rabbits were keen to show their very best goal scoring skills. Whilst kicking the ball to score a goal, the children used their gross motor skills to develop their muscles, balance and coordination. “GOAL!!” everyone shouted.

The Early Years children at Wragby Road have become very interested in playing football! They’ve enjoyed practising their skills, resulting in some wonderful kicks being made. The children were very excited to cheer everyone on!

Cooling down after all their hard work by dipping their feet in some lovely cool water and enjoying an ice pole was almost as good as the football! What an amazing time everyone had practising their skills and cheering on their friends.

The Peter Rabbits at Wragby Road have also enjoyed the football action and have loved joining in with all the fun. Goals were scored and loud cheers showed their support for their friends!

Please enjoy the gallery showing the Euro inspired action at St. Peter and St. Paul, Newark, and Wragby Road.

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