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Emergency Services and Healthcare Weeks at Children 1st @ Toton

The children have been learning about their bodies and how they work and how we can look after them. They’ve also been looking at the role played by the emergency services in keeping us safe and healthy.

While learning about the importance of dental hygiene, our teeth brushing activity gave the children the opportunity to practise their brushing skills on a set of teeth.

Their junk modelling task saw the children creating their own bodies. First, they made a brain and stuck on string which “connected” together to make the connection strands for information to be passed from our brains to our bodies so we can move, talk and learn.

The children also learnt about their lungs and used two bags and straws to represent how the lungs work showing that when we inhale, air goes into our lungs and blows them up like balloons and when we iexhale the air is sucked out of our lungs and they deflate slightly. The children loved working their lungs using the air from their mouths to work them.

Lastly, they made their digestive system. Learning about bowel movements was by far the children’s favourite part of this activity! The children used a tube and stuck it to their cardboard bodies to represent the “food pipe” better known as the oesophagus. We then demonstrated what happened to the stomach when the food travelled down the oesophagus into the stomach, using a balloon showing it inflating and deflating. With the stomach (balloon) firmly attached to the middle of the oesophagus the only thing left to make was the intestines. This was created using felt cut into strips and stuck onto the bottom of the tube. The children loved pretending to eat the food through their oesophagus tube, seeing the food passing through the balloon stomach and the intestines and then falling out the bottom of the tube just like when we go to the toilet. They were all fascinated!

The children have also been learning about their bones and looking at X-rays of their bones. They have made x-ray pictures using white paint and printing their hands and arms onto the black paper. Once dried the children used the X-ray pictures as a guide to where to stick on match stick bones onto their hand outline prints. They also learnt about what happens if we have a broken bone and the process of ‘casting’. We used our own casting bandages on tubes (which we pretended were our poorly arms) and wrapped them up in casting bandages. Once the cast had set the children enjoyed decorating them with pens.

The children’s favourite activity last week was pretending to be firefighter and putting out the number flames using the hose pipe!

With a host of other activities such as making a police badge, a tooth fairy maths challenge and playing doctors in the role play doctor’s surgery, this has been a great topic for stimulating the children’s interest in the wonder of their bodies and the work of the emergency services.

Wow! As if all this wasn’t enough, the children dressed-up for ‘Occupation Day.’ Everyone looked fab! Many thanks to our families who supported this special day.



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