Dinosaur Dig at Children 1st @ Toton

Digging in the sand is much more fun when dinosaur bones are discovered hiding below the surface. The children at Toton were transformed into palaeontologists when their careful searches uncovered some fantastic remains of these prehistoric creatures.

The children learned about the work carried out by palaeontologists and  the tools and equipment they use. We discussed the importance of using brushes or special tools to wipe away or brush away the dirt as some fossils and bones are very old and delicate.

Everyone set to work uncovering bones with their brushes and looking at their dinosaur fact file sheets to decide which dinosaur the bone had come from and what part of the dinosaur skeleton it could be, whether it be a tooth, leg bone, a skull or a horn. The children carefully ordered the bones from smallest to biggest and even learnt how to measure properly with a tape measure in centimetres.

The children even learned about the difference between an archaeologist and a palaeontologist! Well done everyone! We’ve certainly got some enthusiastic palaeontologists here at Toton! See for yourselves just what we discovered on our dinosaur dig by looking through the photographs.

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