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Den Building at Children 1st @ St. Peter and St. Paul

We were pleased to welcome the dads, uncles and grandads who joined us for a woodland forestry session.

Together the children and grown-ups teamed up with others to build their own den from natural materials found lying around the woodland floor. Den building is a great activity which encourages all those involved to use their imaginations and creativity to make the most of whatever nature provides.

There was great team work from everyone, along with laughter and fun. The children enjoyed finding the biggest sticks they could and using mallets to hammer down the tarpaulin. Some teams got very creative using the ivy as a rope to tie their sticks in place.

Once the dens were completed it was time to gather round to enjoy some much-deserved toasted marshmallows.

Thank-you to everyone who joined us for our great den building activity.

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