Blast Off! at Children 1st @ Newark Town | Children 1st Day Nurseries

Blast Off! at Children 1st @ Newark Town


What a wonderful afternoon we had at Newark Town enjoying activities inspired by the colours and sounds of fireworks.

Bobtails explored colour on their black paper. Then they turned out the lights to play with torches and coloured scarves, Luke learnt a new word,”sparkle.”

For their homework task Early Years and Peter Rabbits made rockets out of empty fizzy drink bottles.  They spent the afternoon trying to make them fly in different ways. Max and Olivia’s rockets zoomed down the zip line after the children counted down from 10 and shouted blast off as loudly as they could. Isaac’s rocket was helped to blast into the sky by Mr Dianis.  We all stood back over the other side of the garden and watched as he used the pressure from his jet washer. “It went really high,” said Isaac.

Everyone then made their own pretend sparklers from sticks, stars and ribbons. They enjoyed their tea in the camping area around our pretend campfire. “The yellow and red makes me feel warm,” said Alicia.

Afterwards the children did some dancing with their sparklers, whilst waiting for it to get a little darker. They then enjoyed watching a firework display to music, whilst drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows.


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