Awesome Times at St. Peter and St. Paul - Children 1st Day Nurseries

Awesome Times at St. Peter and St. Paul

Awe can be described as a powerful feeling that leaves a mark. It moves, inspires, and motivates us. Wonder is a desire to learn, that is ready to be awakened.

The little ones have certainly had an awesome time exploring their sensory baskets and experiencing the wonder of autumn leaves as they drifted through their hands. Mixed with the fun of playing alongside friends, their exploration of their world was full of curiosity and a desire to find out more.

The older children in Green Group have been exploring some scientific concepts. In their own words they said, “We are making a rain cloud today…because it is raining outside.”

The children really enjoyed getting suited up with their lab coats and goggles to carry out their experiment, one that we revisited because it linked with our weather. Using shaving foam and water the children made their own rain!

The intention of the activity was for the children to make predictions, and to discuss what they thought may happen first before carrying out the experiment. The children followed the instructions and used some fantastic vocabulary when sequencing the experiment.

May all our days be filled with wonder and awe!

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