Anyone for Ice Cream? At Children 1st @ Hathern | Children 1st Day Nurseries

Anyone for Ice Cream? At Children 1st @ Hathern

The early years have been making the most of the lovely weather to explore our wonderful new garden. They have been thinking of different ways of moving in this exciting space, such as hopping, rolling down hills and running. Zipping down the long slide which is embedded in a magical green mound is already a firm favourite!

They have also been enjoying our new ice cream parlour where they have been taking orders. Ice cream anyone? This is a delightful role play area where children can develop their language and early numeracy skills whilst having so much fun.

Elsewhere the children have had some challenges to address. They’ve been solving the problem of how they can fit the pipes together to make a run for the balls to roll down. So many solutions to this open-ended problem which kept them thinking and testing out their ideas.

Everyone is looking forward to spending more time in the new outdoor learning area and we’re sure there will be plenty of adventures ahead!

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