An Unexpected Visitor at Children 1st @ Hathern | Children 1st Day Nurseries

An Unexpected Visitor at Children 1st @ Hathern

Surprise, surprise! Guess what the early years found hiding in the corner of the room? A frog! What a marvellous unexpected visitor! The children quietly hopped over to say hello to him.

Miss Beth bravely picked him up for all the children to touch him. He felt ‘slimy’, ‘cold’ and ‘wet’. The children named him Thomas. Throughout the day the children took part in some spontaneous activities such as making frog masks and learning about the lifecycle of frogs. The children loved leaping around like frogs, springing from their back legs.

We also spoke about hygiene and discussed why we needed to wash our hands after touching the frog. We also shared the importance of making sure that Thomas the frog was returned to his natural habitat and the children carefully took care of this important task.


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