All About Growing at Children 1st @ Birstall.

The children are really enjoying our topic about lifecycles. Most recently, we’ve been finding out about the conditions plants need to grow and thrive. After discussing the need for water, we decided to demonstrate how flowers take up this vital element.

Having brought in some white flowers which they placed in water containing food colouring, the children were able to observe what actually happens when we water flowers. Throughout the week the children kept a very close eye on the flowers and were delighted to see the coloured water travelling up the stems and eventually changing the colour of the petals.

Alongside this activity the children have been sequencing the growth of plants according to the stages of their development. They’ve also been creative, making their own flowers in paint and collage.

After watching a short film clip about dandelions and finding out where they grow, the children made a counting chart of flowers.

Such a busy week included exploring the world in Mr McGregor’s garden where the children spotted some of the mini beasts which do important work for plants and the health of the soil.

We hope that this glimpse into the fascinating world of nature will inspire the children to take care of and respect all living things. It seems we’ve got some budding gardeners here at Birstall!

Thanks to the Birstall parents and carers who kindly brought in the white flowers to enable our investigations.

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