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Ahoy There! Pirate Week at Children 1st @ Shepshed

Pirate Week gave us the opportunity to widen our imaginative skills by dressing up for the day whilst enjoying lots of fun activities. The children were so excited to show each other what they had come dressed in and what they had brought in as an accessory.

The children talked to the adults during Mr Harvey time about what they thought pirates had to eat. If the pirates were eating the same food as we eat, they wanted to know how they kept their food fresh. So, we had a very interesting chat about food preservation in the times before refrigeration! The children also wanted to make pirate cakes and discussed how they could set about this. They chose to use black or grey icing for decoration and chopped cherries to mix into their cakes.

In the construction area the children worked together to make a big pirate ship with a flag. Soon they were sailing to faraway places seeking treasure! Meanwhile, some  pesky pirates came whilst we were on an adventure and stole the pet parrot belonging to one of our children!  This called for a major rescue mission and so we went on a hunt with our maps using our positional language to figure out where the pirates had hidden the parrot. With great team work skills, the parrot was soon found and re-united with its owner!

The children really enjoyed their day looking at the lifestyles of pirates which included plenty of singing. Our Shepshed pirates made up their own songs inspired by nursery rhyme books about pirates and under the sea.

After such an action-packed time, no wonder our pirates have said they’d love to  have another pirate themed week.

Thanks to all our parents who kindly provided costumes.






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