A Perfect End to the Day at Children 1st @ Newark - Children 1st Day Nurseries

A Perfect End to the Day at Children 1st @ Newark

We loved the sentiments expressed in this Facebook post from our Newark nursery so we thought we would share it with you all.

Bedtime! It’s that time of the night where the children always say, “Just one more…”

The benefits of stories are massive and what better time to get snuggled up with your little one, fresh out of the bath in their pyjamas ready for bed.

Stories help your child get to know sounds, words and language, and develop early literacy skills.

Stories spark your child’s imagination and stimulate curiosity.

Stories help your child develop empathy for other people’s situations.

Stories enhance your child’s cultural understanding.

Stories support the development of fine motor, listening and concentration skills.

And so much more….

Sharing stories with your child doesn’t mean you have to read from the book.

Just by looking at books with your child and talking about them, you can be a great storyteller and a good model for using language and books. Your child will learn by watching you hold a book the right way and seeing how you move through the book by gently turning the pages.

And as if all of that wasn’t enough, stories and rhymes are a treasure trove of tremendous fun! In fact, a perfect end to a busy day or to share at any other time of day!


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