Special Aquatic Visitors at Children 1st @ Meir Park

The children were very excited when Miss Suzanne kindly brought two surprise visitors to nursery, her Mississippi map turtles! These agile creatures get their name from the Mississippi River, the great American river which stretches through ten states, from Minnesota, south to Louisiana.

These are just two of the five turtles Miss Suzanne keeps in a special turtle tank at home. All her turtles are named after the Ninja Turtle characters from the TV show.

Mississippi map turtles are known as ‘map turtles’ because the patterns on their shells resemble those of a map. Being so close to the turtles meant that the children could closely observe these markings on their shells and the beautiful yellow patterns on their bodies. They were even able to carefully touch them.  The children also loved having the opportunity to watch the turtles swimming and see how they climbed out of the water.  Miss Suzanne’s turtles were very entertaining and certainly fascinated the children.

After a busy day at nursery the turtles were ready to return home to their specially designed tank where everything has been arranged to ensure they thrive. Although not the easiest of pets to keep, if well looked after, they could live for another 15 to 20 years, with some even reaching 30! As Miss Suzanne’s husband it a bit of a turtle expert, it looks as if these five turtles will be house guests for quite some time!




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